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If you’re searching for an expert heating system repair service in Union, NJ 07083, you can stop your search here. Air One Pros has been providing top-quality heating repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement services for many years. Our heating specialists possess extensive experience of repairing a variety of heating equipment. They have worked on almost all types of residential and commercial heaters. You can contact us to diagnose the root cause of heating failure in your building and we carry out necessary repairs where needed. We offer same-day heating repair service with no additional costs.

When to call heating technicians for heating repair

  • Reduced efficiency: Do you have noticed that your furnace has become incapable of warming your room adequately? If yes, then you need heating repair.
  • Increased energy bills: Do you have to pay exuberant energy bills? Do you wish to know the culprit? Your furnace might be consuming more energy than it usually does. Call us for a solution.
  • Outdated: Do you remember the year when you installed your heating system? If it was the 90’s or 2000’s, it has surely become outdated or at least old. If your furnace is more than 12 years old, it is likely in need of professional repair and maintenance.
  • Noises & Smell: Have you noticed strange noises or unusual sounds coming out of your heating system? These are some bold signs that you need to call heating contractors.
  • Water leaking/pooling near your heating system.
  • Increased humidity or dust: If you’re noticing increased moisture and dust in your house, there might some issue with your furnace.

If you’re dealing with any of the above-mentioned heating problems or something unique that is not mentioned in the list, you can contact Air One Pros for professional heating system repair service.

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I looked for a local HVAC company online and saw that AirOne Pros had great reviews. Mike came and worked from 11PM to 3AM to replace the room’s wall unit to a new ductless heating and cooling system. Professional and clean work. Will hire to service rooms across our other hotels in NJ and PA. Highly recommended – thanks Mike!
Bobby, Manager, East Brunswick Holiday Inn Express

We hired AirOne Pros to fix the condenser fan motor for our home HVAC system. Mike was great. He gave us options and we went with his recommendation to upgrade as it was less costly and more efficient long-term. We also signed up for his annual service maintenance so we can try to avoid future breakdowns. Thanks Mike!

Kashif S., Freehold, NJ

We needed to replace our old AC and furnace. Got several estimates and decided to go with Air One. We liked Mike’s honesty and he doesn’t oversell. It was done in the time he said it would take. He and his team were professional, courteous, and responds back promptly when we called. We recommend him because his work and his attentive service is very good.

D Chee

The AC system went down in mid June during a hot weekend. I contacted Air One on a Sunday afternoon and they were very prompt to answer an schedule an appointment with me right away. Since my system was very old needed to be replaced. Mike provided a very professional overview of what has to be done and how and I realized right away he was very knowledgeable and experienced so I decided to go ahead with the job. Next day my permits went to the township and in a week time frame the job was done, all running smoothly so far, Mike and his office manager Melissa worked with me closely for all the paperwork, discounts and post installation follow up. Strongly recommend to others
Thank you very much for great job!!

Monica Nedelciu

The guys at Air One were amazing. Our 24 year old furnace was on its last leg. My husband called around for several quotes before we came across Air One. They were very knowledgeable and their quote on a brand new system was reasonable. They were able to install our new system in 7 hours. Mike and his crew were great. Very professional. I would STRONGLY recommend them to anyone in need of HVAC service.

Riley B

It was a Saturday 12pm and my central air was blowing but not cold air. I called 5 different companies and none answered or called me back. At 2pm I called Air one and a nice girl answered the phone and told me she could have someone between 4 and 6. 415 the guy showed up and ran through a series of tests. He found that I needed to replace the 25 Year old unit. He was able to get an appointment on the hottest day of the year on Monday 8am. Mike showed up with two other guys and they did an amazing Job. They double checked everything when they were done. Highly recommend to use them.

William Kennedy

The replacement happened in Jan. ’18 during a record cold spell. During the first visit the tech did a very simple fix to a switch, and not only didn’t charge me, but he also showed me how to do it if I had more problems so I wouldn’t need to wait for a service call. It was a very old system so it actually died within a week. Mike and his team showed up fast, did the install within a day, and they didn’t leave a speck of dust or a scrap of wire behind. Mike was very clear about what needed to be done and what it would cost, and the price was very reasonable. They ran into difficulty installing the unit because it’s an old house but even when they had to drill into the concrete slab the cost didn’t change.

Cheryl Litwinczuk

We called Air One because our aging A/C was not working. Mike came and looked at the A/C and told us that we needed a new motor. Mike replaced the motor and the air is, once again, working. Since our system was quite old , we were expecting to be told that we needed to replace our HVAC system. Air One is professional, ethical and were wonderful to work with. We highly recommend them and will definitely call them again!

Kathleen Raymond

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